Endnote Generator

Google Docs offers footnotes for document citations. But, what if you need endnotes?

You're out of luck1. Until now2.

Endnote Generator is a Docs AddOn which will convert your footnotes into endnotes.

Cite your work as you go using footnotes. When you're done, use the menu to convert everything into an endnotes section keeping your references in place and in order.

Known issues

  • Images are not included in endnotes yet3. You'll get an error.
  • You have to wait until you're done with references to run the script. It clears the order once they're generated, so you can't go back and insert references once you generate the endnotes.
  • When you get into triple-digits (100+), things can get wonky.

Other Issues?

Things come up. Leave a note on GitHub with problems or requests.